Who Are We?

Who are we and why are we involved in this?

The Florida Network of M.C.C

MCC is one of the largest, affirming, and radically inviting denominations for LGBTQ folks. While other denominations of faith have pockets of affirming churches – every one of ours is open to you! That’s because we were founded by a gay man over 50 years ago! And today – we have churches all over the world. You can learn more about us and our history here. We believe that you should have an advocate from the faith community.

BUT…this isn’t about you coming to our church – this is about providing you with support. You will NEVER be forced or pressured into anything, our goal is simply to support you in whatever meaningful way makes sense to you!

Since the “Don’t Say Gay” legislation was signed into law – we’ve focused on providing resources so youth in Florida have a safe, healthy and supportive space to learn more and connect with trusted adults.

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