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School Continues to Harm Students

Grace Christian school in Hillsborough County, Florida announced this week that it will refer students only by ‘biological gender’ and asks that any LGBTQ students go to another school. Further, they are insisting that parents whose children attend that Christian school agree to all of the “policies and procedures” associated with this anti-LGBTQ stance. (See this link: https://www.nbcnews.com/news/us-news/florida-school-will-only-refer-students-biological-gender-rcna43545)

First, and foremost, the weight of the message coming from a “Christian school” suggests that the church (or all churches) support this kind of messaging – and this is not true.

Second, the Bible makes no statement against LGBTQ persons, despite what this school might say. (See “What Does The Bible Say About LGBTQ Persons” on this website.)

Third, this re-enforces the idea that God, in some way, doesn’t love LGBTQ persons just as they are – which is utterly wrong.  God loves LGBTQ persons without them having to change anything about their identity or orientation.

Fourth, this attack on LGBTQ persons is anti-Christian and against the gospels. It may serve a conservative Christian appetite – but it does NOT serve the gospels or God.

To be clear: students (across many grade levels) need to be supported and encouraged in being their whole and authentic selves. Being LGBTQ is a natural part of this human experience, not some sickness to be cured or some aberration to be fixed.

LGBTQ peoples (regardless of age) are loved and adored just as they are, by the God who created them that way.


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