Parental Resources

We HOPE parents come here to get some useful information.  Parents can also request support in working through their feelings about their child coming out as LGBTQIA+.
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Parents often times have expectations about their children’s lives. (Many have imagined the weddings and grandkids.)  Shifting from those expectations into something else can be really hard.  In the end though, one might consider that a parent’s chief job is to be the highest advocate for their kids – an ally to help them navigate all the complexities of life.  If you’re reading this then you’re doing a great job! You’re exploring what it means to help your kids by being an ally to them!

First, educate yourself about what your child is experiencing or sharing with you. (Do you know what asexual means, for example? Also, check your assumptions about other terms. It may be they don’t mean what you think they do!)

Second, set clear boundaries with your child’s story. Your child’s coming-out story is their own – so be clear about what you are free to share with others.

Third, often times, young LGBTQIA+ children have difficulty in navigating the experience of ‘coming out’.  It can be a very traumatic time as they face uncertainty, rejection and potential heartache.  Be ready to support, encourage and nurture them in the process.  We can help too!

Fourth, get familiar with resources both online and in your area! (Check out our Florida Resources page for more information!)

Fifth, be good to yourself.  Find support for your own processing through this complex time.  Your child isn’t the only one going through this!

Finally, being a good ally isn’t about having all the answers – sometimes it’s just about listening deeply and lovingly.

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