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Coming out.  Being different than your friends. Expressing your true self. These can be difficult experiences to navigate.  That’s why we’re here! We see you!  We hear you!  You are important, worthy, and loved just as you are because you are beautifully and wonderfully made! And don’t let anyone tell you any different! We affirm that regardless of your gender identity or orientation – you are a beloved child of God! (You may not have heard that before – but it’s true!)  And don’t let the ‘God stuff’ on our page turn you off – we have no interest in anything more than supporting you.  So check it out – because we really are here for YOU.


Here You Will Find

Support For
Faith information around LGBTQ issues

Here’s the short answer: the Bible does not say anything against LGBTQ people. But you might have heard differently – so here’s...

Resources for your parents or other trusted adults

We HOPE parents come here to get some useful information. Parents can also request support in working through their feelings...

Local resources if you need to talk with someone

Select the area closest to your location to find LGBTQ Affirming Organizations you can reach out to for support.

Resources for helping in your journey

Here’s one way to think of sexual orientation: it is an enduring physical, romantic, emotional and/or spiritual attraction to members...

Immediate support if you are in crisis

You are not alone. There are plenty of young LGBTQ people who might be experiencing the same thing you are!...

Learn More About Us

MCC is the only Christian denomination in the world that is 100%  open, affirming, and radically inviting to LGBTQ folks. While other...

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Grace Christian school in Hillsborough County, Florida announced this week that it...

September 1,2022

Trans Kids In Florida Suffer From Politics

By: Rev. Craig Cranston The Tampa Bay Times reported on August 31,...

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